Any kind of support of the artists creations will help with talents to flourish

Any kind of support of the artists creations will help with talents to flourish

We are a cultural and art organization and will support artists from all over the world.
If you are planning any artistic or cultural events, please share it with Art Organization and we can report and share it on our website with our viewers and provide support for you. We introduce and support new artists.

With mutual cooperation and your accompaniment, we can attempt to create a better, world, a beautiful world

Let us unite to support our artists

Art international

Having been engaged in social matters and strongly sympathetic to the situations of Iranian refugees in Turkey, I have initiated two English secessions per week for the children and youngsters of the refugee families. These secessions are free for these kids because I believe that they are part of the future of humanity; they are the blossoms of today and fruits of the tomorrow and their happiness, hopes and aspirations of today are the building blocks of tomorrow; their future.

However, the refugee status of many families here in Turkey have not been able to move on to a third country of residence where we would have had the opportunity to start a new life.

Furthermore, a great number of these families live in the town  where my wife, my daughter and I live which is a mountainous village with a quite cold climate most of the year, in addition to the close to none existence of any prospect of activities for our children, such as a park or a playground. Such circumstances could have negative effects on the mental and physical growth and development of our children.

Hoping to counteract the present unfortunate circumstances, I started these English secessions for our kids in spite of all our limitations in facility and accommodation. In these weekly secession our kids have a chance to socialize with one another in a very friendly environment, besides learning English. In this program our kids not only learn English but also come to grasp a new culture… a third culture; one different than Iranian and Turkish cultures.

It is important to note that in our latest secessions, we were able to take the advantage of the suggestion and support of the Art International , in order to set up painting workshops for the kids, which turned out to be very successful; the kids had a wonderful time as they were learning new things. I would like to take this opportunity here and extend my gratitude to this organization and welcome their future cooperation.

It goes without saying that any new and exciting idea and cooperation are greatly appreciated.


Ahmad Khalili

12 November 2019

Dear artists



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