Let us unite to support our artists

Let us unite to support our artists

To expand and keep art, culture and book reading alive, we are planning on establishing Art international Publications. The publication will open after our residency situation gets established. We are open to any suggestions in maintaining and supporting native art and cultural fields and expanding humanity and kindness

We established Art International to encourage freedom of speech and to respect all human’s rights.
This belongs to all artists throughout the world. If anyone wants to request to become an Art International Representative in the field of art and cultural activities, send a message to

Soon, we will have representation of Art International all over the world. We will be representing art reporters, art helpers, art publications, creating incentives for artists, discovering talents, online classes and helping the disabled. We would like to establish all arhat with your help and support.

Recently we have have started working with a refugee writer and artist. I just got to know him and met under difficult circumstances . We need the support of you art, humanity and culture lovers to help publish his book. Please contact him through the following email:

Name of the book is “Change”
Age range: children

The book is social and educational. It is in English and has been translated to 4 other languages

This book “Change” is written in a story and poem style. The book is about a little girl who becomes aware of the importance of taking care of her personal belongings like her clothes and shoes …..

I am Abbas Zandi, the writer and illustrator of the book “Change” . I was born in 1977, in Sanandaj, Iran.i have written and by blushed a few children’s books. I would like to publish my book “Change”, which has been translated into 4 languages.
My family and I have been living in Turkey as refugees,

I would like to thank Art International for providing this platform to help and support and providing ability to be in contact with artists all over the world for artists like myself.

We are awaiting your cooperation and support in joining our ART family.
For starting ART TV, please share your videos of your art galleries or art studios with us so we can broadcast it.

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