Shubina Tatyana Valerevna. Artist scrap art

Shubina Tatyana Valerevna. Artist scrap art

Dear Madam tatyana

Thanks for accepting the invitation by Art International Institute.

1. Please introduce yourself

1. Shubina Tatyana Valerevna. Artist scrap art
2. How was your childhood like?

2. The usual happy childhood. Mom, dad and my older sister. I did not study well at school. I loved spending time doing my own business, for example, drawing or sewing outfits for my dolls. In winter, with other children, I built castles out of snow. In the summer we ran to swim. Good time
3. What is your point of view on money and wealth?

3. I do not see anything wrong with that.
4. How would art and artists survive?

4. The same as at all times. Artists have been and always will be. An artist is a creator . How will they survive? With difficulty, as always.

5. What do you feel about your artificial skill? And, how do you get thins dobe?

5. I love what I do. I can’t live without creativity. I create good or bad productions, and whether this is an art– not for me to judge
6. As an artists, how do you act in society and relationship?

6. This question is not entirely clear to me. I show people my work, I’m not trying to explain my concept, because I think this is not necessary
7. Is it possible to run business without money?

7. Yes, it is possible. But it is very individual. For example, I need money for materials for work .. And someone puts objects from stones …. Thank God, stones are free in our world
8. What is your strongest faith which helped you succeed?

8. success? What is the success for the artist? I don’t know. The success is that you are famous? The success is that you sell your work? success in creating a work of art? The concept of success cannot be applied to creativity.
9. How did you break bad habits and replace it with a good one?

9. I did not get rid of bad habits.
10. Have you reached the good sense of stability? How do you define a good sense of stability? How do you develop and keep it?

Yes, of course, there were moments of happiness in life. There is always hope in life. We hold on to hope.
11. What was your initial faith to start? Have you ever failed? How did you recover from the defeat?

11. I believe that I am an artist, not a craftsman. Yes, of course, I created some weak works. There is no insurance against this. But, I know that these works are not too good. But someone does not see the difference.
12. How you became artist?

12. I think I have always been an artist. This is my way of thinking
13. Tell us about your rewards.

13. I participate in many exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Presidential Scholarship Lauret
14. Has artistic life evaluated your soul and motivated you?

14. creativity helps me live and rethink difficult life situations
15. What guidelines do you offer for beginners?

16. Who are the grandees of your field?
17. Do you offer courses to train? Any address to join..?

17. No, I do not offer courses.
18. Art International founded to raise awareness and participate in arts and help artists to survive. Are you interested to join?
19. What do you recommend to art lovers?
20. Tell us about your experiences and how the art saved you?

20. My work is always saving for me. In my works I often experience and rethink events and my inner experiences.
21. Describe yourself (briefly).

21. I am a workaholic, very conservative. Very responsive. I really love animals. All.
22. What do you want to gain from?

23. How did your background help you for work, life, and your motivation?

23.This question seems the same as 20.
24. Describe your current job (or old). And, what’s secret for succeed? What issues you improved in?

24.Now I’m working on a sculpture of a bear. This is a lonely and powerful beast. Its symbolism is diverse. It is also a symbol of my country. But my friend became the prototype for this work. I would like my work to radiate power and strength, both internal and physical. This is a rather difficult task. I am working on it.
25. Describe your favourite artist. How are you similar to them?

25. Favorite artist Piranesi. Great graphics. Composition, rhythm – everything sings in these paintings. I always learn composition there, the ability to combine many elements.
26. Describe an unpleasant experience you have undergone. How did you come over?

26. An unpleasant experience in my personal life —– when my best friend became my enemy. In creativity – once I saw how someone “improved” my work, which he bought.I did not survive this in any way. I just mean this experience for the rest of my life
27. What do you have done to motivate youth and what plan do you have for future?

27. I do not motivate anyone. The path of the artist is very difficult. Especially for the woman artist . The strongest survives
28. Describe your decision-making styles and personality traits. Do you get advice from others?

28. I can make decisions quickly. I’m not afraid of responsibility. I listen to advice, but often ignore them.
29. Describe how to communicate with other artists.

29. We are all alike. There is no problem communicating between artists. Difficulty in communicating with amateurs
30. Describe your art style.

30. Assembly technique from recycled scrap metal. I mainly love dishes (pots kettles mugs ….). This is a bit like a collage. I am looking for the form that I need to embody the image.
31. What are your important experiences?

32. Describe the conditions in which you work best.

32. A bit cold. Minimum communication with people.
33. What development projects are you currently working on and what are your plans for the development of art?

33. Art reflects the life of the environment. Or reflects the emotional experiences of the artist, the beginning of which are also events in the world or in personal life. So art and life are inextricably linked
34. Is there any link between art, the world and future, and where are you in the movement?

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