Vaishnavi Macdonald is an Indian film and TV actress

Vaishnavi Macdonald is an Indian film and TV actress

Vaishnavi Macdonald is an Indian film and TV actress who is best known for playing Geeta Vishwas in Mukesh Khanna‘s television series Shaktimaan, telecasted on Doordarshan.  She shows her acting skills in 17 films and worked in almost 40 series.. as well as in web series.. Won some TV awards

Her father is Vaishnav and mother is Christian .. And she has converted herself into Christianity and started growing her faith in Jesus. After seeing so many things in her personal life her faith on god increases day by day.

… She has passed a long journey in her acting career. And in every character she played ..she did it gracefully.. She believes in humanity..That makes her different from others. She is not considered herself as a celebrity..she considers herself as a human being..who is always down to earth. And she always speaks about God, humanity, love, positivity, good vibes.. In quarantine days she has obtained some of her new passions.. which includes vlogging, making videos, writing stories.. she is a wannabe an author for sure..

And She is really looking forward to sharing more creativity, positiveness towards the world.  She always encourages others.. And that’s why I think the world should know her as an awesome human being.. as a person .. a creative artist.

Sanghamitra Dasgupta

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