First Art International Statement

First Art International Statement

Art International currently has no financial support and supports the rights of artists worldwide
In the future, with the final establishment of the School of Art Creativity, the Art Gallery, the Art Magazine, the Art Publications, the Art Café, as well as the Art Products Store, the movement intends to launch

In future programs, the organization will protect the rights of artists, and representatives will be elected in other countries, which will change annually with the election of local artists.

Our organization contributes to the integration of indigenous art and culture in the world and expands the term artists without borders

Currently all financial support is carried out by its manager and he believes that artists themselves are ready to be prepared alongside each other for help and services
and those who can support art can be with us and help us, it makes us proud.

People who support sabotage in the world will never be supported by us
This organization is not and will not be affiliated with any governmental or non-governmental organization.

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