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Turner Prize split four ways as nominees decide against a single winner

The four artists nominated for the 2019 Turner Prize will share this year's award after urging the judges not to choose any of them as a single winner. Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Helen Cammock, Tai Shani and Oscar Murillo got together to write to the prestigious prize's panel. They said they wanted [...]


Let us unite to support our artists

To expand and keep art, culture and book reading alive, we are planning on establishing Art international Publications. The publication will open after our residency situation gets established. We are open to any suggestions in maintaining and supporting native art and cultural fields and expanding humanity and kindness We established [...]


Any kind of support of the artists creations will help with talents to flourish

We are a cultural and art organization and will support artists from all over the world. If you are planning any artistic or cultural events, please share it with Art Organization and we can report and share it on our website with our viewers and provide support for you. We [...]


From the Map and World Collection,Iranian visual artist seyedmeysam aghaseyedhosseini

Seyedmeysam aghaseyedhosseini by the artistic name of Meysam ,1983 Shahr Ray - Iran: The artist in exile The pen is a recurrent motif of Meysam’s paintings and cartoons and it appears in different shapes and sizes. For him, it is not merely a symbol of liberty and freedom of [...]

Remembering photographer Anas al-Dyab

Remembering photographer Anas al Dyab

Anas al-Dyab, a Syrian photographer and a member of the volunteer search and rescue group known as the White Helmets, died on Sunday. He was 23. Al-Dyab's photography often captured the destruction and tragedy of war. But it also showed the humanity and courage of the people who lived in [...]