Our Impact

Our efforts are for saving the humanity and the world. If you like, help us as follow- If you want to become an Art International Journalist, please fill out the following form and email it to us along with copy of the first page of your passport or copy of any International Identification card – First and Last Name, address, phone number, current profession and an email address Misuse, or abuse of the group’s name or card, will be punishable by the country of residing legal system. – We will put all our effort to cover the cultural and artistic news in every country. We will put all our efforts to keep local art and culture aliveThis card is issued for identification and has no legal standings. For special cases we will issue a special letter. Please join for a unified world. – Send us cultural and artistic graphic events from your city or village – Report your local declining arts in your native language – Let us unite away from any prejudice