Work With Us

Our guidelines are:
1- Full cooperation.
2- Maintaining independence.
3- Not accepting grants.
4- Avoiding any kind of discrimination.
5- Prohibiting censorship. 5-1- Fighting censorship.
6- Creating base for penmanship and artistry which would be a home to all artists .
7- Building a bridge between artists all over the world to establish contact with each other so that none would be forgotten or left in isolation.
8- Standing in solidarity with artists who are under pressure from their governments or under threat in general.
9- Following Truth and Knowledge.
10- Establishing means to help and train the younger artists, and would lead them to join the army of arts.
11- The United Nation or any other organization supporting human rights can consider us a partner. Indeed we would like to encourage the United Nations to appoint art ambassadors to all other nations.
12-We would avoid any sort violence or intolerance.
13- Love, compassion, and supporting each other is are our maxim.
14-Every year, we would introduce the artist of the year in each field.
15- We consider those elected as distinguished artists worthy of support.
16- We would try to stand against the destruction of world.
17- In all activity, independence is our red line.
18- We deliver our message through our writing and other arts and defend it with our consciousness and our humanity.
19- Life is a gift that we try to revive it.


We are awaiting your cooperation and support in joining our ART family.- For starting ART TV, please share your videos of your art galleries or art studios with us so we can broadcast it.- We can provide support of your art pieces by showing the art along side the price to find the right buyer. After receiving your information via email, we will show it in our “Art for Sale” segment. – We are ready to provide services for artists and announce winners.